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Karya Jalanan

Never Trust you Again
16 October 2011 | 17:59 | 0 comments
Why do you leave the way you did ? you broke my heart in two . Best friend - you said forever . Now I dont ever know what I want to do . I thought we could get through it .After all we make mistakes but I find it hard to forgive you . Sorry is all it's takes because I'm too hurt . You never ever apologised even you treating me this way . You filled me up with your lies and now I have to pay all of this . I believed you when you said you're always be there for me but one you just dropped me and the hurt you cannot see . Yeah . I'm too hurt .  I wanted to email you today but I felt like it was wrong and I closed my heart back up and never let anyone in since then I told you everything about me . I'm sorry friend . I never ever trusted you again . you're sucks and everything you do is sucks . I just want to say is Silence Goodbye for you . don't ever come back to my life . 

Oh please #Stop Pretending IdontLikeyou !

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