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Karya Jalanan

My World is Turn upside Down !
03 December 2010 | 02:56 | 2 comments
CapitaL S :)
Bie , You want to know something ? Now , I'll tell you !
 When you're sad , I'll dry your tears
When you're scared , I'll comfort your fears
When you need love , My heart I'll share
When you're sick, For you I'll care
You'll feel my Love when we're apart
Knowing that Nothing will change my Heart
When you're worried , I'll give you Hope
When you're confused , I'll help you cope
When You're lost and cant see the light, My love will be a beacon shinig ever so bright

THIS IS MY VOW, One i that pledge till the end
Only For you !
Muhd Shahid ! I'm crazy Over you baby :) In all my life , I never thought that I'd feel this way .
Honestly , Just cant you see syg ? You're the only thing on my mind every single day.
You're the one shining so bright and I never let you go !
I love the way you look at me , I love the way you make me so happy , I love the ways you show your care ,
I love the ways you say "I Love You" , aww 
and I love the ways you're always there hunny ! 
♥ You're My Super Duper Hero Baby :) You're My Sunshine ;) You're My Monster ;) You're My Monkey ;) And You're the chocolate For my Strawberry syggg ♥
Past is past okayy sygg . I dont want that Black memory Would be happen again.
Never Okayy ^^ 

Nobody's know How I Much I love you , How Much I care for you , How much I miss you .
I will and I do Love you as you love me , I need you as you need me , I miss you as you miss me , I'll show you my care as you show me your care .And I'll appreciate you as you appreciate me . I swear Baby ;) I'm sorry about what I've done to you . Make you feel upset , make your heart pain cause me , make you feel worried , Aww , I'm so sorry sygg .
Not because I dont Love you . Its because I love you .
I wanna see How Deep is your Love ;)
Muhd Shahid Nordin

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